Christine Bousfield and Rommi Smith at Leeds Metropolitan University
Christine & Rommi Smith (poet-performer)

Christine is convinced of the value of poetry, humour and song as a working out of memory and history.

She is fascinated by the music of poetry, and how it often works unconsciously. She used to sing classically, but now focuses on jazz, sometimes singing standards with bands. Her poetry often borders on song, and is widely published in books, magazines, anthologies, on CD, DVD and radio.

Her latest book Granny Knot is published in February by Cinnamon Press. Her last collection She Looks Out of my Face (with accompanying CD This Flesh) was published in 2011 by Indigo Dreams.

Christine is now working on other poetry publications, for example ‘Fruitflower’, commissioned by artist Adinda van ‘t Klooster for the launch of her book StillBorn, which includes the images of fifteen artworks on the theme of stillbirth and twelve poems in response to the artworks commissioned from a range of professional poets.

The poem ‘Fruitflower’ was a response to Adinda’s artwork ‘More Hole than Whole’ on the theme of grief related to stillbirth.

More information on the StillBorn project